ApisCP 3.2 发布,授权 50% 终生优惠!

ApisCP 3.2 于8月31正式发布, Startup 型授权仅需 ($159, 30 个域名) 和 Mini 型授权仅需 ($99, 10 个域名) 适合云服务器使用。

同时提供一个终生优惠码 [10月1日前有效](file:///var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/0E188CDD-7D05-4A9C-8E28-48451469D1FE/Documents/calendarclick):

使用优惠码  **JOY32**   购买授权 [结账](https://my.apiscp.com/) 时可以终生优惠 50% 。

终生授权适用于 ApisCP 的所有未来版本。

3.2 is a rewrite of the Web App subsystem that adds a wealth of new features including:

  • 1-click support for Nextcloud with enhanced security through Fortification
  • general webapp module for agnostic Web App interfacing
  • Web App manifests for extending base features
  • an AST parser for powerful WordPress integration
  • 1-click cloning/renaming support for WordPress
  • third-party Web App support
  • Argos glance
  • notification tray
  • DNS providers for Katapult and Hetzner services.

In addition, all Web Apps are now separated into modules, which makes it easy to extend Web Apps that ship with ApisCP or build your own.

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